Jealousy in a Relationship

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.” William Penn

Can anyone say, with complete honesty, that he or she has never experienced jealousy? Be careful how you answer, for if you are still warm and have a pulse, chances are very good that sometime in your life you have been jealous of either someone, or something. Many confuse jealousy with love. They think if they are jealous of their partner, it expresses love. This could not be further from the truth. Jealousy is an emotion that has nothing to do with love. It is an emotion based on fear. This fear comes from being insecure with oneself.



Cougar Dating

No, this is not about some kinky hook-up with a four-legged mountain feline. This is about the growing trend of older women dating younger men. Unlike the acceptable practice of a younger woman dating an older man, an older woman dating a younger man is cause to jam the phone lines. What is this double standard? They call the older woman a cougar. You immediately picture the poor unwitting younger man as prey, devoured by the older woman. Poor guy. Dry your eyes, younger men know the danger, and they love it! Cougar dating did not just come on the scene, but was brought center stage when older female celebrities such as Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, and Mariah Carey started dating and marrying younger men. Suddenly, the concept became hot!


Speed Dating

We have fast food, drive-thru pharmacies, 1-hour cleaners, and a host of other speedy services. Dating had to follow. It only makes sense. Who has time these days to ferret out potential dates? With work, and meetings, Zumba classes, and working out, spare time is a precious commodity. Speed dating has a certain appeal for those in a time management crunch, or for those who wish to avoid the typical awkward first date.


Best romantic restaurants in San Diego

The food at these restaurants will excite your taste buds.

Just Friends – Or Lovers?

My husband, who works at home and takes care of our kids, became friendly (because of our respective children) with a stay-at-home mom.  At first, it was just a play date here and there, but then with the summer break, the play dates increased.  Now they have become actual friends.  They get together often, though always with the kids of course, and they also text each other a lot. This is beginning to worry me.


Should You Move in Together?

“If you think you know someone, live with them and you’ll know for sure!” — Jamie Arnold

You and your partner have been exclusively dating for a while now, and see each other every day. You are always together and cannot stand to be apart. Your stuff is at both places, and saying goodnight to each other on the phone seems so impersonal now. The answer seems simple, move in together.  Not only will you be together even more, but look at all the money you will save. Only one rent to pay, sharing expenses, and not having to drive back and forth between residences. This is definitely a win-win situation, right? Before you rent that moving truck, you should consider a few things.



“The more connections you and your lover make, not just between your bodies, but between your minds, your hearts, and your souls, the more you will strengthen the fabric of your relationship, and the more real moments you will experience together.”                    Barbara de Angelis


When to let go of a relationship

Humans are funny creatures. They tend to either dump great relationships, or cling to disastrous ones. Typically, women are the clingers because their emotions rule them, and the men are usually the ones that walk out. It seems that relationships, more than ever, are fragile and temporary. However, there are those relationships that are lingering way beyond the point of each party going their separate ways.


His Mother Hates Me

© New Line Cinema

© New Line Cinema

Dear Sylvia:

My fiancé and I have been engaged for two and a half years. Our wedding is coming up in a few months. While I am excited about the wedding, I am also worried about my future mother-in-law. She doesn’t like me, and wastes little energy trying to hide it. She was never very friendly when we were just dating. When I would mention this to my fiancé, he would just laugh it off and say it’s just how his mom is. After we got engaged, her behavior became even more hostile.


Eight Years and No Proposal

Dear Sylvia:

Last week my boyfriend and I celebrated our eighth year together. Eight years, wow. It’s hard to believe. I was hoping for a ring this year, but none was forthcoming. I’ve hinted and hinted, but he never seems to catch on. We’re already like an old married couple, so I don’t see what the problem is. I already do everything a wife does. Why won’t he pop the question?


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