Speed Dating

We have fast food, drive-thru pharmacies, 1-hour cleaners, and a host of other speedy services. Dating had to follow. It only makes sense. Who has time these days to ferret out potential dates? With work, and meetings, Zumba classes, and working out, spare time is a precious commodity. Speed dating has a certain appeal for those in a time management crunch, or for those who wish to avoid the typical awkward first date.

It is an interesting concept that beats the heck out of online dating. The people you meet are mostly professionals who are looking to meet people of similar interests in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. No more having to ditch a bad date, or avoid unwanted phone calls. You are only in contact with people where the desire to meet is mutual.

Speed dating is kind of a combination of musical chairs, and an old-fashioned matchmaker. Everyone gathers at the event with equal numbers of men and women. The women remain at their tables, while the men circulate to a different person after the designated time has elapsed, usually 5-10 minutes. This keeps on until everyone has met. You are able to keep track of each person, and if you would like to meet them again. If two of you match, they send an email so that you can contact each other.

Unless otherwise specified, you will only be in a group of people your own age. Because the time you spend with each date is brief, there is no embarrassing dead time. If there is no connection, you are done after a few minutes. You do not have the agony of trying to make it through a whole evening.

Some have questioned whether a few minutes is enough time to determine if one has a possible match. You could argue this question on both sides, pro and con. However, you are not going to be seeking the services of a justice of the peace at the end of the evening, only confirming that there is mutual interest.

If you decide to try this, here are a few tips to make your first event a success. You want to be open without being too revealing. Do not create false stories about yourself. Honesty is definitely the best policy. Travel light; leave your baggage at home. No one wants to hear about past relationships that went sour. The goal is to have fun, so keep the conversation and questions in a positive light. Appearance is everything. You do not want to be too revealing, but at the same time, not too conservative. Impeccable grooming is a must. You only have a few short minutes to make a great first impression.

One last thing, start thinking of questions you want to ask before your event. Make a list and take it with you. Focus on the other person and learn as much about them as you can. Watch your body language and try to keep nervous habits to a minimum, such as tapping your fingers or feet. This is not a life or death situation, so relax, and have fun!



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