Cougar Dating

No, this is not about some kinky hook-up with a four-legged mountain feline. This is about the growing trend of older women dating younger men. Unlike the acceptable practice of a younger woman dating an older man, an older woman dating a younger man is cause to jam the phone lines. What is this double standard? They call the older woman a cougar. You immediately picture the poor unwitting younger man as prey, devoured by the older woman. Poor guy. Dry your eyes, younger men know the danger, and they love it! Cougar dating did not just come on the scene, but was brought center stage when older female celebrities such as Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, and Mariah Carey started dating and marrying younger men. Suddenly, the concept became hot!

They say that the cougar (the animal) jumps on opportunity with no hesitation. This could apply to the two-legged ones as well. To be honest, cougar’s do hunt young men. However, a cougar is not looking for a serious relationship. Many times, she is on the rebound from a divorce. She is looking for a good time, and a carefree young buck is right up her alley. He has the stamina, and she has the experience to turn their relationship into a perpetual “E-ticket” ride.

Today’s older woman looks better than ever before. She is fit, financially independent, and educated. Additional benefits are availability, longer life span, and emotional security. Women also peak sexually later than men do. There is around a 15-year difference. Therefore, a 25-year-old man is a great fit for a 40-year-old woman. Younger men appreciates the older woman’s maturity, she avoids drama. She is confident and secure in who she is, and she knows what she wants. She fulfills their Mrs. Robinson fantasy.

There are other considerations, however, when dating a cougar. Cougar dating is not for the faint-of-heart. There is the social stereotype and public ridicule. How will his family react? Will they accept her? Will they be doing a little hunting of their own? Will her family accuse her of robbing-the-cradle? Watch for the possible emotional baggage she may be carrying. Since women mature faster than men do, some younger men may be immature. Of course, maturity and intellect are not generally at the top of a cougar’s list.

Are you trying to decide if a cougar dating relationship is for you? Well, if you are the younger man, you will have a woman who is confident, experienced and eager. You will not have to worry about a long-term commitment, and you will have amazingly intense sex. If you are the older woman, you will have a younger man who is ambitious, eager to learn, looks great, and you will have amazingly intense sex. Yeah, it is a tough call.



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  4. old woman dating
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 18:32:53

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