For the Ultimate Romantic Date – Stay Home

The best place for your ultimate romantic date is not the new French restaurant with a Paris theme, and menu items you cannot pronounce, or the little intimate spot where you usually have a long wait. Unbelievably, the perfect place for a special date night is right at home.

Think about it. You don’t need a reservation, you don’t have to drive anywhere, you can stay as long as you want, and you can have more than two drinks. You can still dress up, if you wish, or you can be casual and comfortable. The best part is, when you have finished eating you don’t have to interrupt the atmosphere to make the trek home.  You can just get up, go lounge by the fire and cuddle, or…

Who’s going to cook?

Before you call 911, you are not going to be doing the cooking. That would defeat the purpose. A caterer will provide the food for your special night. You can find many caterers and personal chefs online to fit any budget. They will take care of everything. They even bring beautiful china so you don’t have to use your own. The caterer will handle the cleanup as well.

The menu

Deciding what to eat is hard because there are so many choices. First, narrow it down to what kind of food you want to eat. Do you want Italian, French, American, etc? On the other hand, you may prefer seafood, steak, or chicken. Then narrow it down to a specific entrée. The caterer, or chef, will know what side dishes will complement the meal. They can provide the wine as well. Choose an exquisitely sensual dessert, with a dessert wine, to end your perfect meal.

Setting the stage

Now you have to choose where you want your ultimate romantic date to take place. Try to stay away from the dining room. You may want to set up an intimate table for two in the living room. If it is cool enough, you can light a fire. A couple of large floor pillow would be just the thing for some after dinner wine sipping. If the weather permits, consider a beautiful candlelit setting in your back yard or on the patio. If you wish, you can provide your own tablecloth, candles, etc. However, your caterer can also provide these things. Just let him, or her know what your needs are.

Finishing touches

Be sure to have music. Whether you will be indoors or outside, music is essential. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to play classical music to be romantic. Yes, it can be, but so can almost anything else. It is about whatever music you like. If you like country music, then some soft country will be romantic for you. Soft jazz is another great choice.

Have a nice light scent in the air; something delicate, with sensual overtones. Delight your senses, and make this date one that you will always remember.


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