Hot as a Pistol in Dallas

Dear Sylvia:

I have been married for 57 years and now I think my husband is cheating on me with the hussy across the street! She just moved in a few months ago and is quite young. Whenever she needs something done, like replacing a light bulb, she comes and gets my husband. She’s all smiles and sweet talk, batting her eyelashes, and smelling all good (you know the type). The old coot just grins and giggles like a love-struck boy. I just can’t stand it! When she comes over, it’s like I suddenly become invisible.

Oh, I know he’s always had a roving eye with the women, but it’s never been serious, and they didn’t live across the street! He’s over there more than he’s at home. We always have to hire handymen to fix things around our house. He’s too old to be fixing things, so what is he doing? I love the old man. We’ve been together for a long time, and I don’t know what I’d do without him, but I won’t share him,

Sylvia, I’ve got my shotgun ready – just not sure which one to shoot!

Hot As a Pistol in Dallas

Dear Hot:

Put the shotgun down, sweetie. Dallas cannot afford another J.R. scandal. You don’t say just how young your neighbor is. If she is very young, she may be lonely and think he’s cute and non-threatening. If she’s in her forty’s, she may be trying to save money and avoid hiring someone. Many women assume all men know how to fix things. Your husband is of an age where her attention perks him up, and makes him feel young again. It does not mean that there is hanky-panky afoot.

When we get older, we tend to think that we are no longer attractive, or desirable. Because of our insecurity, we may overreact to situations. Could this be what you are doing? You have said he has always noticed other women, but that seems to be as far as it ever went.

You mentioned you feel invisible when she comes over. Is it because they ignore you, or is it because your jealousy makes it impossible for you to be friendly and included in the conversation. The next time she comes over, instead of being angry, be friendly and speak to her. Make some coffee, pull out the phone book, and help her find whatever service she needs. She will get the hint. See if that doesn’t have a different effect on the whole situation.

Now, buy a new dress, wear a new delicious scent behind your ears, and put on a bit of lipstick for hubby. Rekindle those old flames and see who he grins and giggle for. Sometimes we become so comfortable we get in a rut, and we forget that we still need fix ourselves up. I’m sure you’re still the apple of his eye. Sex appeal never dies; it gracefully ages like a fine wine.

Let me know how it goes,



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